How to Qualify for a Grant

There are many reasons a person might want to obtain a grant. Grants are ideal because they do not have to be paid back like loans do. In one sense they are like free money. Because wealthy individuals and companies are giving this money away for free, they expect you to meet a few qualifications. Meeting those qualifications will qualify you for the grant.

Have a financial need. Several grants are based on a person's income or net worth. You must check with the company to find out what their income level is. If you make over that then you don't need to waste your time filling out all the forms, but if you make less than the required income level, you are a good candidate to get the grant. Financial type grants include: going to college, starting up a business, heating assistance, home repair programs, and more.

Are you a minority? There are numerous grants set up for minorities. Minorities include people of certain ethnic backgrounds. You must first check your ancestry to find out if you qualify. If you can prove you are of that minority than you can apply for the grant. Some grants for minorities include going to college and starting up a business.

Are you a woman? Sorry guys, but these grants are just for the ladies. These types of grants are created to encourage women to go back to school or to start up their own business. What qualifications do you need to meet? You have to be a woman. No unusual proof is necessary although they will probably need your social security number which would confirm your gender.

Are you an adult looking to return back to college? Many grants are available to individuals who are past college age that are looking to return. There may be an age requirement so you must first check that out before you apply.

Are you interested in a certain field of study? This basically pertains to college grants, but there are so many out there for students who are looking to study math, science, and business. If you are majoring in any of these see your guidance counselor to ask to apply for these types of grants. If your field of study is what the grant is seeking, than you qualify.


  • Fill out all the information on the grant application. Don't leave anything blank. There should be a number to call if you need help with the application.


  • Don't apply for any grants that you don't meet the qualifications for. You will be holding up the company and you won't get the grant anyway.