How to Clean the Print Head Nozzle on HP Printer Cartridges

It is important to properly maintain your HP printer head cartridge. printer cartridges can get clogged with ink from time to time and a frequent cleanings can ensure that your print job comes out crystal clear.

Clean the Print Head Nozzle on HP Printer Cartridges

Remove the printer cartridge from the printer and set it down on your work surface with the ink surface nozzle facing up.

Moisten the q-tip with distilled water. Make sure to ring out any excess water from the q-tip.


Wipe the surface of the nozzle tip with the q-tip in a sweeping motion.


Continue this process until no more residue appears on the q-tip.


Return the print cartridge to the printer. Align the print cartridge with your printers alignment function.



  • Clean your printer cartridge prior to using it after an extended period of time.


  • Do not use tap water.

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