How to Market a Daycare Center

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
Market a Daycare Center

How to Market a Daycare Center. It's probably going to be easy to get kids into your daycare, since parents are always looking for quality childcare. Advertisement for a daycare center isn't too expensive. You need to market your daycare to let the community know that you are in business.

Items you will need

  • Refreshments and door prizes for your open house (optional)
  • Business cards and fliers
  • Banner
Step 1

Organize an open house for your daycare center. Visit your friends and neighbors to tell them about the daycare and the open house. Ask them to tell their friends. Advertise in the local newspaper about your new business and the open house. Parents can look at your business and all that you have to offer in a relaxed setting. Remember to have refreshments and door prizes, if you want.

Step 2

Offer an incentive for referring parents to your business. For example, you could give someone who refers another person who signs their child up with your daycare a gift card or a discount on their own childcare.

Step 3

Make business cards and fliers. Bring them by local businesses and ask if you can leave some there. Tack a business card to bulletin boards in local businesses and their break rooms.

Step 4

Hang a banner in front of your business to attract attention. It may announce that you are "Now Open." Include the business name and telephone number. Make sure that people can read the banner when they are passing by on the street.

Step 5

Organize holiday celebrations at your daycare center. For example, have an Easter egg hunt for the public, let children come to your daycare to trick or treat on Halloween or invite Santa Claus to visit during the winter holidays. This will show parents that you like to have fun, celebrate holidays and involve the entire community.

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