How to Talk to Customers

How to Talk to Customers. Everyone has a horror story about poor customer service. Every business owner wants to know how to teach employees to communicate well with customers. Being able to talk to customers not only improves that single experience, it builds good will about the company and helps to encourage repeat business. Talking to customers properly is the foundation of great customer service; here is how to teach good customer communication.

Keep eye contact with the customer or customers whether you are talking or listening. Even if you are the world's best listener, the customer won't believe it if you are staring at the floor. Eye contact creates a connection with the customer.

Empathize with customers if they have a problem. When there is a complaint, the quickest way to help find a solution is to try and understand the customer's dilemma. Put yourself in their shoes and ask questions to better understand their issues. Not only will this help you deal with the problem, but it builds good will.

Handle stress in a smooth and constructive manner. Talking to customers can be stressful and intense, but no matter how strong your inner feelings may be, always remain calm while communicating. This helps the customer remain calm and feel a sense of your control of the situation.

Know your business inside and out. For example, maybe you only work in the electronics department of a store, but it is in your best interest to know at least a little about the other departments, like locations and sales. Think about how this mentality applies to your profession.

Answer any question honestly. Always tell the truth, especially when you do not have an answer. Customers respect when you tell them you do not have the answer but can help find someone who can solve their problem.

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