How to Import Clothing From China

How to Import Clothing From China. If you want to start your own retail business and want to import clothing from China, there are certain steps you need to take to do this. There are legal regulations you must follow and certain companies that can export clothing to you better than the rest. Here is how you can import clothing from China.

Make sure you set up an establishment where you can put all of these pieces of clothing once you receive them. Find and rent out an outlet or store for your new retail business.

Check out online wholesalers in China that sell clothes off the Internet. Check out companies such as Chinese Wholesaler or Apparel Sell to see what type of clothing they offer.

Call the wholesaler that exports and imports clothing and discuss what type of packages they have for importers. See if they have some sort of special package to send clothing to the United States, Canada or Europe.

Check out the rules and regulations of importing into your own country. Check with your own embassy to see what rules their are of importing clothing from China.

Set up a contract with the Chinese wholesaler and make sure it is looked over by a lawyer before any importing is done. Once everything is ok with the embassy and the fine print is noted decide on the clothing you want for your store and start importing.

Make a deal with the wholesaler that you would like your clothing items shipped at a certain time every month so you will have more clothing available for your retail clients.

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