How to Open a Bar and Grill

How to Open a Bar and Grill. Many aspiring entrepreneurs decide to open a bar and grill as a way to start a trendy new business with a high return investment. Although the competition is particularly high for those who decide to open a bar and grill, promises of solid, steady business can be enjoyed if it is developed and marketed effectively.

Decide where you want the bar and grill to be geographically located. This will be important when you apply for a liquor license and restaurant placement in the community. Also determine when you want to open the establishment so that you can coordinate the timing of proper licensing and employee hiring.

Determine what type of cuisine you want to serve in the bar and grill. Order food and supplies inventory in sufficent time for the restaurant to open for business.

Apply for a business license to operate and open a bar and grill. Also purchase restaurant furniture such as tables, chairs, booths and kitchen equipment.

Place an application with the appropriate licensing board to secure a liquor license to be able to serve alcohol in the bar and grill.

Distribute flyers, contact the news media and any other public relations media to advise them of your new bar and grill opening. Have menus, business cards and customer feedback cards printed for the restaurant as well.

Hire and train employees as you prepare to open the restaurant. It may be necessary to train bartenders, waitresses and hostesses for the bar and grill. Staff enough workers so that there are sufficient people available to work when you open the restaurant.


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