How to Present an Invention to a Manufacturer

How to Present an Invention to a Manufacturer. Now that you've created a working model of your invention, it's time to show it to a potential manufacturer. Plan to present your invention to a manufacturer in person. This tells the company just how committed you are to the invention, and how enthusiastic you are at the prospect of working with them.

Introduce yourself to the company's president. Write a short, personal letter explaining your background. Describe the invention and state why it stands to benefit the company. Request an appointment to demonstrate the invention at the company.

Practice demonstrating the invention before friends and family. Write down exactly how the invention works and why it is marketable. Memorize these essential points.

Begin the actual demonstration by explaining the invention's form. Emphasize how its appearance makes it either practical or attractive.

Focus next on how the invention fits into the company's working environment. For example, a new telephone should not require much room and should match its surroundings.

Progress to the next big step, the invention's function. Demonstrate to the manufacturer how the invention works. Explain in simple terms each step involved with using the device. Then perform each step slowly.

Present diagrams and charts during the oral part of your demonstration. Alternatively, show a film or slide presentation to provide a different kind of visual display.

Sell the invention by stating how it fits into the manufacturer's existing product line. Convince them that your invention complements their existing products.


  • Keep any charts or diagrams out of sight until you're ready to present these items. Otherwise, people may get distracted during your presentation and focus on the visuals.

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