How to Act Like a Businessman

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to Act Like a Businessman. A successful businessman has an image to uphold. He commands respect and looks and acts the part. Regardless of the industry he represents, a businessman sets a certain example and has many identifiable traits. Read on to learn how to act like a businessman.

Items you will need

  • Mobile phone
  • Laptop
  • Expense account
  • Business suit
  • Briefcase
Step 1

Dress for success. A successful businessman wears a classy suit or at the very least tailored slacks and a crisp shirt. Even on causal Fridays he's always dressed in clothes like brand name polo shirts and khaki pants.

Step 2

Groom yourself impeccably. Wear expensive cologne and get manicures and haircuts from the finest salons. Shave daily and wear a Rolex and cuff links.

Step 3

Use an expense account. Get reimbursed for business trips to Singapore, London and New York. Take clients out to lunch at gourmet restaurants and stay at four-star hotels on your company's dime. Attend celebrity golf tournaments or charity functions, and act cool and collected around actors and other bigwigs.

Step 4

Take risks like adding a new store to your chain in an unusual location. A successful businessman explores new ways to invest, trade, make money and always challenges the status quo. To act like a businessman you must be driven, focused and on the lookout for new projects.

Step 5

Talk on your mobile phone constantly. Always have a Blackberry or Sidekick handy and carry a briefcase full of papers and a state of the art laptop. Answer business calls on weekends and even on holidays. A good businessman checks his voicemail and email every hour.

Step 6

Spend long hours at your desk. A businessman works long after his assistant and receptionist have gone home for the day and orders Chinese food as he works on proposals and presentations throughout the night.

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