How to Import Wine From Italy

How to Import Wine From Italy. Importing wine from Italy is an exciting prospect for connoisseurs of this beloved libation. Before you can import a single bottle (or barrel, if you're really adventurous), you must learn and comply with local and federal rules and regulations.

Go to your state's commerce commission website to find the forms that must be filled out before you can start. Be prepared to work through many documents.

Contact a customs house broker. Though a customs house will charge you a fee, it can work through all the red tape and get your wine imported safely with fewer complications. Consider Trans-Union Customs.

Send the wine as a gift via FedEx or UPS. If you are sending wine to the United States and you want to avoid the red tape of international customs, send it as a gift and avoid paying duty fees. This would only be useful for small shipments.

Ensure that proper labels are on the bottles. U.S. Customs requires that the bottles have clear English names on them. Check the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobbaco and Firearms website to follow all the regulations.

Enjoy your Italian wine. Once you get through the rigorous shipping process and paperwork involved, you can indulge your ultimate Italian wine fantasies. More specific information about shipping can be obtained from the wine dealer you purchase from.


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