How to Sell Handmade Jewelry Online

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Some people like to buy handmade jewelry to give as unique gifts to friends, family and co-workers. Although handmade jewelry is sold at boutiques, art museum shops and artisan workshops, artisans also sell online to reach a wider audience. Selling handmade jewelry online can be a challenge, however, if you lack the funds for web development and marketing. If you are new to the business, you can sell your jewelry to customers already looking for your products for little or no start-up capital.

Take photos of your handmade jewelry. Use a good quality camera and take photos of your handmade jewelry from various angles. Download the photos onto your computer, so you can upload them quickly when you list your handmade jewelry for sale online.

Open an online selling account and list your items for sale. Websites such as Artfire, eBay and Etsy allow you to create a personalized sales page and list your items in their extensive product directories. Add a photograph, product description, price and shipping terms in each listing. Such websites charge listing fees, which vary depending on the item price. You can also add a subscription sign-up box to your sales page and invite visitors to sign up for your newsletter.

The advantage of selling your handmade jewelry on such websites is that the buyers are already searching the sites for handmade jewelry. This gives you immediate access to customers versus the process of building awareness of your own website.

Design inexpensive handmade jewelry items to attract immediate interest, especially if you sell your regular product line at a higher price point. Announce your inexpensive items for sale in a newsletter, which can be a simple email you send out to your existing email contacts and new contacts who sign up on your online sales page.

Start a free blog. Share your passion for handmade jewelry with other enthusiasts by writing about your work and related subject matter. Market your blog by commenting on the blogs of other handmade jewelry makers and participating in forums where artisans and buyers interact and exchange ideas. You can also create a page on your blog that includes photographs of your work, product descriptions and even shopping cart links, depending on the blogging platform you use.