How to Sell House Plants at the Flea Market

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017
House plants are popular at the flea market.

If you have a green thumb and love flea markets, you can start your very own house plant business. Growing and selling house plants at the flea market can be highly profitable.

Items you will need

  • House plants
  • Plant pots and soil
  • Transportation
  • Local flea market
Step 1

Locate a flea market. Find flea markets in your area and visit them to make sure you can sell house plants there without much competition. Find out how much a table or booth costs, and reserve one if necessary when you are ready to sell.

Step 2

Get house plants. There are two ways to do this: purchase small houseplants from a supplier, or propagate your own. You can also plant seeds or cuttings from other's house plants and wait.

Step 3

Pot the houseplants for sale. Sell the house plants individually in small plastic pots or create house plant displays with several types in larger pots.

Step 4

Sell the house plants at the flea market. Arrange your table attractively for maximum sales. You can also sell other pots, small garden tools, house plant fertilizer and other related products.


  • Cut off all spent flowers and bad-looking leaves. Take a lot of change and bags or trays to the flea market. Be open to haggling.


  • Be sure to check laws about selling products in your area.

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