How to Find a Home Research Job

If you are good at finding anything you need to know on the Web, you might be well suited for an Internet research job. With the prevalence of information products, there is great demand for freelance researchers. They can find the information necessary for writers to complete ebooks, special reports and other projects. There are lots of places to look for online research jobs.

Check online job boards. When looking for online researchers, it's only natural that writers and marketers would post job listings online. By finding their job listing, you've already demonstrated that you possess some of the skills they are looking for.

Join webmaster and Internet marketing forums. The people who post there often produce information products, and they may recruit researchers on the forums. Participating actively will get you noticed, and they may even come directly to you when they need research done.

Join social networking sites that are geared toward online businesspeople. These often allow you to build pages showcasing your work. They also usually include such features as forums and classified ads that you can use to connect with potential clients.

Create a website or blog to promote your services. Include testimonials from satisfied customers, and examples of your work. Include a contact form or email address so that interested parties can get in touch with you easily.

Pitch your services to small business owners. It may not have occurred to them that they could outsource research. By giving them the idea, you put yourself at the front of their minds when the need arises.