Would you like to make money from one of the modern world's most valuable commodities? A gas station franchise can give you that opportunity in droves, but be sure to make some smart choices in the beginning to ensure success. For example, partnering with a recognizable brand like Mobil can give you instant consumer trust plus valuable resources on which to rely. Learn what you need to know in order to open a Mobil gas station franchise.

Contacting ExxonMobil 

To get started opening a Mobil gas station, you will need to contact ExxonMobil to express your interest in becoming a branded wholesaler (also known as a franchise owner). Email customer.relations.e-mail@exxonmobil.com or call 1-800-243-9966 for information to get started.

ExxonMobil keeps most of its requirements under wraps, but you can expect to show some proof that you're qualified to run a gas station. After all, your success or failure when running a Mobil gas station franchise will ultimately reflect on the ExxonMobil brand. Any prior experience owning or managing a gas station is helpful.

Mobil supplies its branded wholesalers with marketing resources, franchise training and other support, but you are responsible for the crucial financial aspects of purchasing the land, obtaining permits, paying Mobil a franchise fee, buying adequate insurance, managing the store, etc. Once you are approved as a branded wholesaler and pay the appropriate fees, you can expect a hands-on onboarding process to make the transition a smooth one.

"On the Run" Convenience Store

A Mobil gas station franchise is more than just gas pumps. It also includes the "On the Run" convenience store, which is where you will ultimately get most of your profit. In fact, it is important to understand the myriad reasons people will visit your gas station and convenience store so you can market to them appropriately.

For example, some people will stop in for gas and purchase snacks or toiletries out of convenience. Other customers will visit with the intention of getting basic groceries because your store is closer than the supermarket. Other people will include your convenience store in their routine for purchasing coffee, soft drinks, beer, cigarettes, etc.

Mobil will also help you attract customers to both the gas station and the convenience store with its "revolutionary consumer pull programs," including rewards cards that will make Mobil customers' preferred choice in a competitive market.

Location of Your Mobil Gas Station Franchise

Choosing Mobil for your gas station franchise allows you to take advantage of an established and easily recognizable brand that consumers trust thanks in part to its longevity, but you need the right location for success too. If you are stumped, Mobil provides its branded wholesalers with site selection assistance. However, it is helpful if you already have some possible locations in mind.

Some factors to consider include proximity to freeway exits, right side versus left side of the street and which is convenient to the primary traffic flow, proximity to stoplights, location of competitors including larger grocery stores and the number of cars that pass by that location on any given day of the week. Also, if your gas station is convenient for any vehicle pulling a trailer, you can cash in on this type of traffic.

The popularity of public transportation in the region also affects gas stations. If fewer people own cars in the area, you will have fewer opportunities to draw in this kind of traffic. Pedestrians may visit your convenience store in some circumstances and shouldn't be discounted, but your primary consumers will arrive in a vehicle. Therefore, your gas station should be located in an area where a lot of people drive.