How to Create Sales Contests That Work

How to Create Sales Contests That Work. If your sales team needs some encouragement, then a well planned sales contest might help. Creating effective sales contests that are effective may require some extra planning, but they can quickly enhance your bottom line.

Decide the number of sales contest that you're going to hold each year. If you're holding major contests that involve a lot of effort, keep the number smaller. Small monthly contests are also a possibility. This type of ongoing contest gives the employees something to look forward to each month.

Outline why you're having the contest. You can use contests to develop group spirit, recognize good performers, improve employee self image, set standards of performance, boost morale, provide a stage for training or just to have some fun.

Use objectives to design the contest. You might want to get new customers, increase order size, break out of a slump, target specific markets, introduce and promote specific products, improve sales presentations, get repeat business, sell ancillary products or sell more products per customer and improve customer relations. You should use no more than two or three objectives per contest.

Determine whether the contest has value. A sales contest should increase sales and generate more profit. The sales person needs to get the benefit of additional income, benefits or training. The company should get the benefit of improved company profits via teamwork or product promotion.

Find out what your team wants. Cash, paid trips, gifts, gift cards or special privileges are all possibilities. Getting a day off with pay may be the supreme gift.

Outline the rules, keeping them fair and simple. Keep the duration less than 4 weeks. Promote the contest heavily and keep the staff updated on a regular basis. Don't change the rules midstream.

Follow through. Don't begin a contest and drop it. Display the results and reward all the prizes. Dropping a contest after it starts or failing to deliver on the prizes will injure morale. Keep it fun. Use crazy promotions and silly ideas that liven up the office.

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