How to Ship Packages Via FedEx

How to Ship Packages Via FedEx. One of the necessities of business life today is being able to ship correspondence and packages quickly. This need has made companies like FedEx, UPS, DHL and many others, very successful. Many people rely on them rather than postal services. The process of shipping a package by FedEx is very simple. However, since 9/11, there are restrictions on what can and cannot be shipped.

Look up FedEx in your local phone book. Call the number and ask for the location closest to you. You can go down to the office and ship your package.

Fill out the paperwork for FedEx. The shipping form asks for your name and address and the destination of the package. If you don't know the weight of the package FedEx will weigh it and charge you the appropriate amount.

Drop your package at a local FedEx drop box or have a local shipping supply office have FedEx pick the package up. They may charge a small fee for including it in their shipment.

Include your FedEx account number on the shipping form, if you have one. Otherwise, include a credit card number to which the shipping charges can be applied.

Designate whether you require a signature for delivery. At times, a signature is needed. This allows the package to be traced and also can serve as evidence that the person actually received the package.

Designate whether you want it delivered on Saturday. There is an extra surcharge for Saturday delivery. Some legal matters require ASAP delivery, which usually outweight the small surcharge for Saturday delivery.


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