How to Apply for a UPC Number

How to Apply for a UPC Number. A Universal Product Code or UPC is a pattern of black vertical lines with white spaces between them and numbers at the bottom. The lines and spaces define the numbers in the bar code. This bar code allows the symbol to be read with a scanner, while giving the computer information about the product. The following steps will show you how to obtain a UPC bar code symbol.

Make the decision to get a UPC number or not by doing research and asking questions. Go to the Uniform Code Council's website and contact them with any questions you might have regarding your decision to get a UPC number.

Fill out the membership application on the Uniform Code Council website to become a member of GS1 US Partner Connections if you decide to go forward with getting a UPC number. You must become a member to get the number.

Provide the following information to become a member in addition to basic information about your company: the current or projected sales revenue of your company, the number of products you will need a UPC symbol for and the number of locations you may need a Global Location Number for if it applies.

Pay the membership fee to get your UPC number. This fee may vary depending upon your circumstances. You will be supplied with an identification number for your company once the membership has been approved.

Fill out the information about your product to build your UPC number. The website will show you exactly how to do this and provide you with a phone number and email address where you can contact them with any questions you may have.

Print your new UPC bar code label by contacting a printing company who prints UPC labels, having a UPC bar code printed directly on the packaging of the product by the packaging company or by purchasing software that prints the UPC code labels directly from your printer.


  • You can also call the Uniform Code Council at (937) 435-3870 to request an application for a UPC number. They are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time.


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