How to Start a Home Health-Care Business

How to Start a Home Health-Care Business. Life expectancy has increased dramatically over the last few years. As a result, people living to 100 years of age are now one of the fastest growing segments in the U.S., which has spiked growth in the home health-care business. Many adult children of seniors are searching for caring, certified professionals to provide regular in-home assistance. A home health-care business is a promising business with unlimited potential.

Start your home health-care business in an area with a growing population of seniors. Check census profiles of different cities for the elderly population, ages 65 and over. Target large cities or cities with large retirement communities.

Get state licensing. Requirements vary from state to state, so be sure you check with your local government for proper state licensing and certification required to legally operate a home health-care business in your state.

Hire part-time, contracted health-care workers in the beginning to maintain costs. Be aware that all home health-care employees must have a nursing certification.

Perform all necessary criminal and background investigations for each home health care aid that is hired. The DataBaseRecords website performs instant nationwide criminal searches for as low as $29.

Accept private medical insurance by making sure your agency meets individual insurer requirements. You can get this information by contacting them directly and obtaining a list of those requirements.

Obtain the additional license and certification needed to accept Medicare and Medicaid clients. To do this, apply through the State Medicare agency and get a surety bond of $50,000 from an approved surety company. A state representative will inspect your agency to make sure it meets all of the required health and safety standards. You are required to have at least seven clients and three months of operating funds and steady revenue.


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