How to Sell Workers Comp Insurance

How to Sell Workers Comp Insurance. Making sure employees are covered in case of an injury not only makes good sense for them, but also makes good business sense. Workers comp insurance shows your employees that you care about the welfare of their families. Keeping this in mind while writing a workers comp insurance policy for businesses helps you understand your client and their needs to better serve them. Here's how to sell workers comp insurance.

Check the licensing requirements of your state. In most cases, licensing for different types of insurance, such as workers comp insurance, means different testing and application requirements. Make sure you are in compliance with all of your state's licensing regulations.

Know what your state's requirements are for carrying worker's compensation insurance. Some states require that companies carry a workers comp policy, and some don't. Check the requirements in the state where you will be writing the policy.

Develop a marketing plan. Identify your potential clients and develop a marketing plan geared toward reaching that type of client. You may want to hire a marketing firm to help you with this.

Assess the potential client's risk. There are risk assessment tools to calculate this risk. If your client is having trouble getting a workers comp policy, try a company with a small business program available.

Maintain a client-centered website. Places like have website packages with a professional look and feel. With a website you can cater to the needs of your web savvy clients while maintaining personal service.


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