How to Sell Used Farm Equipment

How to Sell Used Farm Equipment. When it comes time to replace your farm equipment, you can make some money off your used items by placing classified ads. The used agricultural market is highly competitive, so using an online agricultural supply website can help you reach a wider audience and have a better chance at selling your items for a good price. Read on to learn how to sell used farm equipment.

Write down all of the details about your equipment including the make, model, year and any other pertinent information.

Take digital photos of the equipment you want to sell. It's best to take photos on a sunny day with a bit of cloud cover to avoid too much glare and get in as much detail as possible. If you don't have a digital camera, use a regular 35mm camera, take the film in to your local photo processing lab and ask for a CD of the images.

Browse online farm equipment websites for equipment similar to what you're selling (see Resources below). Note the prices that other people are selling their equipment for; you can use this as a guideline for setting your own prices.

Check the "Equipment Wanted" sections. You may be able to find someone locally who wants the exact item you're about to sell, in which case you can avoid having to post an ad.

Place your ad on online used farm equipment sales websites by signing up and simply entering in the information about your item when prompted. You will be able to upload your photos during this process, to be displayed online. Most of these websites allow you to place an ad for free, or for a very small fee.

Double-check your ad after it's been posted to make sure all information is accurate and your photos look clear.

Place ads in local newspapers as well as online, if desired.

Arrange for the buyer to come and pick the equipment up, once you have received an offer. To avoid possible fraud, accept cash only as payment and request the full amount up front.


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