How to Open an Ice Cream Shop

How to Open an Ice Cream Shop. Most everyone likes ice cream. Tapping into this lucrative market can prove to be very rewarding. With careful planning you can open your own ice cream shop with few difficulties. Here are some important steps to remember when starting your business venture.

Write a business plan to determine your budget. Include initial costs associated with getting set up. This is an important step to provide you with solutions to projected problems that may arise in the future. This business plan will serve as a professional consultant for successfully running your ice cream shop.

Visit other neighborhood ice cream establishments and speak to the owners about the hurdles they encountered when first setting up their businesses. They will be able to provide you with possible solutions to any problems you too may face when opening your own ice cream shop.

Secure a temporary position at a neighboring ice cream shop if possible to get a real feel of how things are done and the strategies used to create profits.

Research your local area to determine where you will want your business located. Schools, parks or shopping malls are high traffic areas that you will want to consider.

Determine if you will want to provide ice cream through a franchise agreement such as Baskin Robbins or Ben & Jerry's. Or perhaps you have some great family recipes for ice cream that you would like to see.

Acquire all necessary permits required by your state. You can save time by searching the state government sites on the Internet. They will usually list the cost associated with each permit as well as provide you with information on the ones you will need for your ice cream shop business.

Launch a marketing plan to expose the public to your location and what you will have to offer. The word "free" usually draws a crowd, so if your budget permits, have a special free ice cream tasting day to lure the crowds into your shop.

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