How to Start a Building Materials Salvage Business

How to Start a Building Materials Salvage Business. Residential and commercial renovation can create a viable business opportunity. Entrepreneurs who have time and skills can salvage reusable building materials from these construction sites. Building materials salvage operations help the environment by keeping reusable products out of landfills. Salvaged architectural bounty can add beauty and improve homes that need affordable interior and exterior appointments.

Market Entry

Contact several residential renovation contractors. Find out how the currently dispose of building materials and home interior products during and renovation contract work. Look for opportunities to provide the work force and transportation needed to meet local and state disposal laws.

Complete an informal market inventory by observing trash hauling services, recycling companies and demolition contractors. Find out which building materials they salvage.

Conduct market research for your local area. Visit the StartupJournal website for tips on locating your partners and your customers.

Identify potential reusable building materials buyers. Include antique shops, specialty contractors and building materials suppliers. Contact their purchasing departments find out what they buy and how they set prices for salvaged building materials.

Investigate direct to consumer marketing opportunities, like flea markets and antique fairs, if you have storage space and the labor to set up a booth or kiosk.


Review insurance and safety regulations for your business at the Environmental Protection Agency website.

Get a business license and any required permits and insurance. Identify appropriate space for storage of salvaged building materials.

Find repair, refinishing and refurbishing tools and supplies vendors.

Recruit and hire employees if you need assistance with recovering and transporting building materials.

Advertise your business. Create a marketing calendar, based on your market research. Use the seasonal fluctuations in the renovation business to schedule your marketing efforts to potential contractor partners and your potential buyers.

Setup your accounting system to track your accounts. Track profits with monthly cash flow projections. Find tools for this on the AllBusiness website.

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