How to Manage a Team

How to Manage a Team. Being the supervisor of a team requires strong leadership qualities to coordinate and manage others' abilities to the fullest. A good knowledge about the skills and temperament of each team player helps in delegating work effectively, motivating team members and creating loyalty among teammates.

Understand the goals and expectations that your managers have for your team. Educate your team about the objectives by communicating clearly about their roles, responsibilities and deadlines.

Assess the strength and weakness of each team member by initially assigning simple work. Evaluate their performance and their ability to meet the deadline. Delegate work accordingly based on the skill and interest level of each person.

Give clear instructions as to what is expected out of the team member and follow through as required instead of micromanaging. A clear understanding of the requirements encourages the employee to live up to your expectation, feel accountable in executing the tasks and solve issues proactively.

Take responsibility for the team and acknowledge their efforts in meetings. A boss that sticks up for his team creates loyalty and motivates the team members to go the extra mile for the team's success.

Handle problems and changes effectively. Request feedback from the team and incorporate their suggestions in your decisions. This input encourages them to value their role in the workplace.

Treat the team members with respect and remain courteous while correcting their mistakes. Be friendly and approachable to them. Understand and be accommodating of their family commitments and difficulties.


  • Reprimand members in private when there is a need, instead of embarrassing them in front of the team. Motivate the team frequently by acknowledging and appreciating their efforts.

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