How to Use the Decision Making Process

How to Use the Decision Making Process. Decision making is a process that leads to a specific course of action. There is always a final choice in making a decision. Sometimes decision making is based more on opinions instead of fact. Decision making is a process of reasoning that is not always rational; it can often be irrational. We make decisions every day without much thought.

Take a good look at your life, career and people in your life. Decide what it is you want to manage better.

Decide what has stunted your growth. Commit to the decision making process and change your life.

Determine the difference between what needs to be fixed and what isn't broken. Sometimes the hardest part of decision making is the ability to define the criteria for change.

Know who needs to be brought into the change conversation. Decision making involves the enlistment of others and their buy-in to the plan for change.

Listen to what people feel, think and want in regards to the change. Ask them for their support and hear why they are reluctant or why they are interested. Choose a way to manage the people who oppose your decision.

Compare your thoughts for change with others. No one is right all the time. The best decision making process includes input from others.

Commit to the decision and be strong once all avenues have been considered. You will drive the need for change. If you are not committed, no one who follows you will be either.

Monitor the progress of the change you and your group enacted. Implement strategies on how to keep the problem solved. Define the difference between follow up and follow through to the people in your group. The strength of your decision making progress will be the key to your success personally and professionally.


  • Know your limitations and work on gaining strength in your weaknesses.


  • Only fix what isn't broken.


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