How to Create a Catch Phrase

A catch phrase is an expression that people connect with a person or product. A good catch phrase can make a product or person memorable for years. A bad catch phrase turns into a cliché and will leave people shaking their heads or rolling their eyes. Take the time to create a memorable and well-received catch phrase.

Decide why you want to create a catch phrase. Knowing the personality of the person or the details about the product will help you create the best possible catch phrase.

Consider the audience you are trying to reach, especially when trying to create a catch phrase for a product. Some details to consider about your target audience are age, education and interests. Knowing these details will help you later.

Brainstorm the words to be used in your catch phrase. One simple way to get started is by making a list of adjectives about the person or product you want to be associated with your catch phrase. Also, make a list of actions that would be associated with the person or product.

Create your catch phrase using some of the words you listed while brainstorming. You'll want to come up with something catchy but not too lengthy. The more your phrase stands apart from others for a similar product or person, the easier it will be for your audience to connect it to your product. It most cases, a catch phrase is simple English that will reach a broad audience. A good catch phrase will often be a call to action, pushing the audience to react in a certain way.

Share your decided catch phrase with either friends you trust or a focus group. This is an important step, since not everyone will react the same way to things they hear and see. Listen to the feedback you receive to see if the resulting impression is the one you intended to convey.

Market your catch phrase to the general public. This can be done in different ways depending on your person or product and your intended audience. Advertising venues such as print, television or radio are the likely destination of a product catch phrase. If your catch phrase is only for personal use to become memorable, find ways to work it into conversations at parties or add it as a signature in emails. The key to any kind of marketing is repetition. The more times people hear the catch phrase you created, whether directly or just in passing, the more likely it is to stick in their head. As time passes, they will start to associate the catch phrase with the product or person.


  • It may be a good idea to register the catch phrase you create with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, especially if you plan to use it in a marketing campaign.This can protect you from future lawsuits and from having your catch phrase pirated by another company or person.


  • The trademark approval process can be a time-consuming one taking anywhere from six months to several years.


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