How to Get Small Business Grant Help

How to Get Small Business Grant Help. The Internet is the best source for help with government grants. The most useful sources for help with government grants for small business are the government agencies themselves. The U.S. Government Small Business Administration provides information on getting grants even though they don't offer many grants. Individual states and some local communities provide both grants and help for grants to small businesses.

Go the "Grants" page of the U.S. Small Business Administration. This provides a list of links to many pages of grant information. Although a number of grants are for non-profit organizations, lending institutions and state and local governments, there is also information for small, high-tech businesses.

Look through the U.S. Government Grants site. Here, you'll find user guides for the site, a "Help" section and links to state agencies.

Contact your state or local Small Business Development Center in the United States. You will find contact information for your local branch either in the local phone book or through an Internet search. Each center provides information and assistance for small-business owners.

Research the economic development agency of your own state or province. The main government page for your state or province will have links to development, business or financial assistance. You may have to enter the search terms "business grants."


  • Beware of sites that promise free money from the government after you pay a membership fee or invest in materials without a money-back guarantee. Help and information can be found for free at the government websites.


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