How to View Resumes on Craigslist

How to View Resumes on Craigslist. Craigslist is an excellent and free resource for employers seeking candidates to hire. The hundreds of resumes posted to Craigslist each day can be viewed by anyone. Nearly every industry is represented. You're sure to find a great candidate. Follow these steps take advantage of Craigslist.

Open Craigslist on your browser and then choose your location. Select your state from the list of on the right. After that, choose the city. If your city is not listed, choose the nearest one.

View resumes. Scan the headings to find the link for "Resumes." This is in bold and is followed by the number of postings in parentheses. Click the link.

Browse the resumes. You're likely to find a long list of resumes posted.

Search within the resumes. At the top of the resumes page there's a search field. Type in a keyword for the type of resume you're looking for to narrow your search.

Search all of Craigslist. Go back to the main Craigslist page and enter your keyword into the main search field. This will do a national search.

View details. If you find a heading that interests you, click their link to view the details. Here you'll find the full resume as well as contact information in case you're interested.


  • Search other locations as well. You may find applicants that are willing to relocate. Check back often. Craigslist is constantly being updated by users. Craigslist includes some helpful documentation. Read the FAQ's and legal info as well as the guide to avoid scams and fraud.


  • The email addresses included in the contacts are usually not the real addresses of the poster. Instead, these addresses are referrals that forward your message to them. If you're adding them to your contact list, wait for them to reply to you first.

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