How to Follow Up if You Have Not Heard Back From an Interview

Your interview went great, but now a few days have passed and you haven't heard anything from the hiring manager. Rather than sitting around by the phone, you can take a proactive approach and follow up with the hiring manager yourself. Making a quick phone call or sending a thank-you email will show your interest in the position, remind the hiring manager of your interview, and clue you in on the prospects of landing the job.

How to Follow Up by Phone

Call the company's main phone number and tell the receptionist that you would like to inquire about the position you just interviewed for. You may also call the hiring manager directly if you have his direct phone number.

Briefly state that you interviewed for the open position and provide the date of your interview as well as your full name. The company may have several open positions or have interviewed several candidates. Politely ask the status of your application.

Briefly state your interest in obtaining the position. This will inform the company that you are still a viable candidate. Thank the person for her time and end the phone call.

How to Follow Up by Email

Enter the hiring manager's email address or the general email address for the company if you do not know the hiring manager's specific address.

Type a subject in the subject line of the email that clearly states what your email is in regard to. For example, you could use, "Thank you note regarding the interview for the senior sales representative position."

Compose a formal business letter in the body of your email. Address the hiring manager by name in the salutation. Double space after the salutation.

Briefly state why you have emailed the hiring manager in the first paragraph. State your interest in the position and that you would like to follow up on the status of the position in the third paragraph. Thank the hiring manager for her time in the third paragraph. Add a double space between each paragraph.

Add a formal closing to your email, such as "Sincerely." Include your full name and contact information below your closing. Send the email to the hiring manager or general company email address.


  • Keep your follow-up thank-you letter brief. The hiring manager may not have time to read through a long email.

    Double check your email for proper spelling and grammar. Small typos can make you seem less appealing to the hiring manager.


  • Do not get impatient or rude if asked to wait during the follow-up call. Keep your speech brief and polite.