For any business to be successful, the business owner needs to know his costs to complete a project. When painting a room, the most obvious cost for the project is the actual paint. Other costs may include additional items like painters tape, new brushes, plaster filler to repair any holes in walls and possibly additional workers to complete the job if needed. Once you have your costs for the project determined, you can accurately provide a quote for the painting job.

Things You Will Need
  • Tape measure

  • calculator

Step 1.

Meet with the homeowner and view the room or rooms you will be painting.

Step 2.

Measure the square footage of the walls in the room by measuring the width and height of a wall, multiplying those numbers to obtain the square footage of the wall. Do this for each wall in the room. Add the numbers together to obtain the square footage for the walls in the room. Do the same for the ceiling.

Step 3.

Inspect the walls and review with home or business owner any imperfections that will require additional work to fix. Ask the owner when you can start and when it will be need to be completed by. If you have sufficient time you may want to do the work yourself. If it needs to be done quickly you may have to hire workers. Advise the client that you will have to hire additional workers if the deadline for completion is short.

Step 4.

Go to a local hardware or paint store. Provide the measurements for the room you are painting to the store staff. Obtain the cost of the paint you will need to use to paint the room. Add costs for other materials like tape and other materials that may be used.

Step 5.

Add the material costs, the cost of your labor for the job to determine the final cost of the project.