Confirming employment serves various purposes, including checking the background and job history of a potential hire and documenting income for financial assistance purposes. Current and former employers typically will confirm employment, title, hire and end dates if you follow the proper procedures and contact the correct person in the employer's business. You can confirm salary information in some cases but you may have to supply additional identifying information to the employer.

Step 1.

Verify employment information. Write down the employer's name, phone number and other contact information, such as an email address, you received. Ask the person who provided the information to check for errors. Ask for additional information, such as her supervisor's name and number, to make the process easier.

Step 2.

Contact the employer by phone. Ask for human resources verficiation. Identify yourself and explain why you need to confirm employment. Ask if the person works there, the start date and job title. Write down the responses.

Step 3.

Draft a letter if necessary. Some employers may ask for a formal request to confirm employment before giving out any information, particularly salary information. Use paper with an identifying letterhead for your company. Include the person's name, why you need to confirm employment, what information you need and your contact information. Mail the letter.

Step 4.

Ask the person for a W-2 form or pay stubs from the job if the business is now defunct. He does not have to provide you with this information but might be willing to do so for confirmation purposes. Return the documents to the person after review and destroy any copies made.


Try contacting the employer's corporate headquarters for confirmation if the person's location closed down or changed hands.