Policy procedure protocol consists of information which specifies an organization’s standards of practice that may include professional, legislative, regulatory and other business requirements. While developed policies and procedures are usually mandatory, specific written guidelines are advised, but not required.


The policy procedure protocol may include a mandatory set of instructions that are associated with a given policy. To clarify, implement and maintain the various mandates, guidelines are often developed for staff. Statements of recommended practice are used in specific circumstances.


The policy documents are usually drafted by appropriate staff and approved by senior executives who review them annually or every two years. Executive board policies are considered so that members can make policy decisions and amend them accordingly. Documents are usually brief with clear statements of purpose for easy compliance.


Procedure development often includes a review process. After the need for a procedure is identified, appropriate parties make suggestions to management, who communicates to the executives at the company. A draft is developed, the plan is authorized and then implemented.


The protocol is usually comprised of a set of decision-making rules that are based upon the best practices of an organization. Protocol usually lists those who are authorized to follow it, with the levels of competency requirements as necessary. Various conditions or situations describe when the protocol is to be followed.