The purpose of a document control system is to ensure that the documents your organization uses are effective and current. This may be achieved using a simple list of documents known as a master list.

Policy and Procedure Manual

Addressing document control within your policy and procedure manual should be the first step. In addition, your organization should identify an administrator to oversee document control by being responsible for the master list of documents.

Master List of Documents

Create a master list identifying the documents used within your organization to operate effectively. Examples of documents include procedure manuals, quality manuals, work instructions and forms. Using a spread sheet format, include the name of the document and the version. If you are referencing a mandated procedure from an external source, referencing the standard on the master list will help traceability.

Revision Process

Documents that are revised must be noted on the master list. For example, Quality Assurance Policy and Procedures, version B. You may create your own identification system. Some organizations use dates of revision. When a procedure is revised, you must also review any forms or instructions that you reference within the procedure.