Stakeholders may ask for requests regarding changes to certain company projects. These changes could involve improving the project anytime during the design phase to final completion. Coordinating these change requests is vital for the project management in determining which changes are necessary. Integrated change control allows the project management to evaluate every change request in relation to the project. The integrated control change's objectives involve managing corrective and preventive changes to prevent additional issues, ensuring those requests fit within the project's management plan, and that the requests can be integrated into the work.

Corrective Actions

Project management uses integrated change control to determine whether corrective actions should occur when a problem arises. The process evaluates how the corrective action should fix the problem, whether more problems would arise or whether the corrective action would have any effect in the project. By evaluating the possibilities before engaging in the changes, integrated change control can fully understand the nature of the change and anticipate any adverse effects.

Preventive Actions

Integrated change control evaluates when changes occur in the project that were unforeseen. Project management determines whether certain preventive actions are required to alleviate or avoid any possible risks. These preventive requests usually happen the further the project progresses as project management is given a clearer, detailed view of how the project will reach its result.

Project Management Plan

All activities involving the project are gathered into a project management plan. Activities include the scope of the project, estimated time and cost, possible risks and the working schedule for project development. Project management relies on this plan for the integrated control changes. By determining whether proposed changes fall within plan guidelines, project management can decide which changes benefit the project overall without increasing costs or time.

Work Performance Information

Project management evaluates the work performance information. Based on the status of the project, progress that's been made and problems the project team might have encountered, management can determine how to handle the requests. The integrated change control allows for monitoring the project team's work and at the exact points a change would benefit the completion of the project.