What Is the Meaning of Evaluation & Control?

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Along with planning, organizing and directing, controlling is one of the four core functions of business management. The phrase "evaluation and control" is sometimes used as a means of breaking down the control function into two separate elements. The control function involves the development and implementation of measurement programs to evaluate progress toward organizational goals.

System Controls

Systematic evaluation and control focuses on methods of evaluating company performance against objectives. A sales organization monitors actual sales against quotas. A customer service firm or department obtains survey feedback from customers to evaluate satisfaction levels and service performance relative to goals and standards. These systematic measures of evaluation and control allow for new policies, training and improved processes.

Internal Controls

Strategic human resources is another major area of evaluation and control. Human resource professionals and company supervisors use formal and informal employee evaluation tools to offer feedback to individual workers. Ongoing praise and criticism reinforce positive behaviors and correct problems. Formal evaluations offer more in-depth assessment of an employee's performance relative to the job goals and responsibilities. Training and coaching may result when employees need to develop skills.



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