What Is a Gross Unit of Measure?

by Usha Dadighat ; Updated September 26, 2017
A gallon is a gross unit of measure.

Depending on the context, a gross unit of measure can be used to refer to several types of measurement. The word "gross" describes an excess of weight or the overall picture or measure of something: a gross unit of measure describes items along these lines.


Gross as a unit of measure can refer to a quantity of items. A gross is 144, or twelve dozen items. A gross is often used when buying items in bulk.

Long Measure

Another use for the term gross as a unit of measure refers to a long measure of weight. One gross is equal to 112 pounds, and 20 gross is equal to one long ton, also known as a gross ton (2240 pounds). This measure of weight has mostly industrial applications.

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The term "gross unit of measure" in a business setting refers to units of a liquid where volume does not always correspond to a set temperature. A gross unit of measure describes volume only when determining how to set a price for a unit of the product. Types of gross units of measure include liters and gallons.

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