What Is an Employee Requisition Form?

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Employee requisition forms are used when companies have staff positions to fill. If a manager wants to make a new hire or replace an employee who is leaving the company, he must submit a requisition form for approval. This system allows the company to maintain overall management control of the hiring process and of staffing numbers and costs.


Employee requisition forms are used to announce job openings within companies. They're prepared by the department that has the vacancy and given to the human resource department, which advertises the opening if the requisition is approved. The forms establish a valid need for the position they describe.


Employee requisition forms contain the job title, job description and start date. They also include the working hours and pay rate, and state the education and experience required as well as any specific job qualifications. The job duties are listed and the form states whether or not the position is a new. If it isn't, the person being replaced and the reason for the replacement are noted.


Once the human resource department determines there's a valid need for the stated job position, the job is advertised. On the requisition form, the human resource department answers the remaining questions, which include the number of applicants who applied, the number of interviews held, the applicant hired and the date.


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