Requisition forms, similar to purchase orders and invoices, are an integral part of owning and operating a business. For many businesses, an employment requisition form might be part of your hiring process. Departments might need to bring on more workers, and an employee requisition form is what is used to request that hire from upper-level management or HR. Having the right forms in place and keeping all employee requisition requests is essential to keep your books, staffing and budgets in order.


An employee requisition form is a document used to request a hire. It explains why the role is needed and what the likely budget will be.

What Is an Employee Requisition Form?

Requisition forms are used to formally request a service or item. In the case of staff requisition forms, they are typically used by a manager or other project lead to inform HR and upper-level management that a new hire is needed to support their efforts. This form is then likely sent to a manager, HR department or administrator for approval before the hire is made.

A requisition form is an essential aspect of the hiring and staffing processes. It helps to cut down on unnecessary spending and hiring and makes HR or high-level management employees the gatekeepers when it comes to determining staffing needs. In this way, the company can streamline its personnel processes and ensure resources are allocated properly.

Features of an Employee Requisition Form

An employee requisition form, or recruitment requisition form, should be standardized across departments to ensure a smooth hiring process within the company. Employees should be asked to fill out the form completely and to not leave anything blank. In addition, the same person or persons should approve all requisition requests to ensure fairness and adherence to budgetary restrictions.

The following elements are essential components of an employee requisition form:

  • The employee making the request
  • The number of employees that are being requested
  • The type of employee that is being requested
  • The reason for the request
  • The date of the request
  • The department where the new employee will work
  • The department that is responsible for fulfilling the request. 

To finalize the document, there should be a signature from the person who is fulfilling the request. Especially in larger companies, ensuring that all of these elements are included is essential to an honest and budget-friendly workplace.

The Requisition Form Approval Process

The approval process for employee requisition forms is essential to ensure that all hiring is conducted properly and requests are submitted at the right times before any money is spent. The first step in this process is to investigate the purported need and verify why it is a necessity for your organization.

From there, a request needs to be raised and then subsequently reviewed by an internal department. This could be HR, a manager or a designated hiring group. This group will then place an ad for the job you have requested or instruct you to move forward with doing so.

All employee requisition forms should be maintained and periodically audited. They should be filed alongside all personnel information related to the new hires. In addition, copies should be given to the accounting department so that the charges can be properly tracked and added to the company’s books.

Importance of Proper Documentation

To help your business grow and remain profitable, you’ll need to ensure that you have the right employee requisition forms in place to keep your hires organized and thoroughly documented. Regular audits of these forms will help prevent unnecessary hiring or waste within the company. Ideally, someone other than the requesting entity will perform the audit.