What Is CRM Testing?

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Customer relationship management (CRM) is a company-wide business marketing system that helps an organization “enable its marketing departments to identify and target their best customers, manage marketing campaigns and generate quality leads for the sales team,” according to TechTarget.

Database Basics

CRM is a marketing model built on a database software application. A database application is used for the collection and analysis of key customer data for use in implementing targeted marketing and sales programs.

Testing Purpose

A testing phase is common to most major software applications, like CRM, used by organizations. Testing helps detect errors and optimize use of the application. CRM testing is critical to success of CRM initiatives according to independent bodies cited by the 2004 Destination CRM article “Why Should I Test My CRM Application?"


Delivery Versus Acceptance Testing

The Destination CRM article points out that delivery testing is performed by software vendors to ensure basic software bugs and errors are corrected. The accepting organization that uses the software must test for appropriate integration prior to massive implementation of its CRM program.



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