The telecommunication industry has varying codes of ethics depending on the business and client. There are, however, general agreements that each organization of the North American Association of Telecommunications Dealers must abide by.


Associates must protect each clients'--both past and current--information. Gifts or bribery received in exchange for this information is not tolerated.


Selling any other product or service other than those contracted is strictly prohibited. Products and services must always be publicized in a professional manner to customers. At all times, associates must maintain the standard of "accuracy, truth, and good taste." One must not intentionally give false information about a product, service, business or client.


Business must always be conducted in a manner that gives the telecommunication industry a positive reputation. Staff members representing the business or client will be chosen bearing in mind experience, knowledge, and expertise. At all work-related events, both private and open to the public, representation must be made in the utmost professional manner.