Depending on your state, there are certain permits you need in order to start a daycare. Make sure you know what you need and have the information available in order to start your new daycare successfully.

Permit to Operate

Getting a permit to operate gives you legal right to run your daycare business. With this kind of permit, you'll have to follow the regulations of your state licensing agency. You can usually get the permit to operate by completing an application from your state licensing agency.

Building Permit

Approval of a building permit authorizes you to construct or remodel the building you plan to operate your daycare from. In some cases, you'll have to meet certain building inspection and fire and safety requirements before you can get your building permit.

Food Handlers Permit

In most cases, a daycare serves breakfast, a snack and/or lunch to the children. In order to serve food, you'll need a permit qualifying you to handle food appropriately. Usually you can get this permit by completing a training course on the proper way to cook and serve food according to state regulations.