Starting a day care business is a great choice for people who love children. But a day care is more than just babysitting. It’s a professional business that requires planning so that it can be profitable. By starting your own day care, you provide a valuable service to working parents.


A day care business may be started from your home, local regulations regarding building, sanitation or fire codes may apply. Check to see if the area you choose is zoned for a day care. Make sure you have adequate indoor space for activities and that there is an outdoor play area, either in your yard or nearby. Permits may be required to start a day care.


Licensing requirements vary from state to state. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many states require child care workers to be licensed if they care for several children. Child care workers are usually required to get immunizations and pass a background check to obtain a license.


You will need toys, books and games to entertain the children. Sleeping mats are needed to give small children an afternoon nap. A first aid kit should be kept on hand so that you can deal with emergencies.


If you are operating a day care out of your home, make sure you have insurance to cover the supplies and equipment you purchase. You will also need liability insurance to protect yourself and any staff.

Financial Adviser

Starting any type of home business requires keeping accurate records for tax purposes. Consult with a tax or financial professional regarding the best way to structure your business and keep track of income and expenses.