If you are working in business, you have probably heard of ISO standards. ISO is the international standard-setting organization, supported by government and industry members. ISO 2009 doesn't refer to any particular standard, because standards always have a number and a year.


ISO 2009 is a set of standards and specifications developed or updated in the year 2009. The purpose of ISO standards and specifications is to ensure global consistency. ISO 2009 standards are developed by technical experts after the need for standards for emerging products or updated standards is determined; adherence and cooperation is voluntary, according to ISO.org.


The ISO has been coordinating international development of standards since 1947, when it was formed by representatives from 25 countries to create uniform international standards. ISO 2009 had more than 100 members compared to the original 25.


According to the ISO's Figures for 2009, over 1,000 international standards and specification documents were developed and published in 2009. These standards all appear in the format "ISO NUMBER: 2009."

Find ISO 2009

Particular ISO standards developed in 2009 can be found in the ISO catalog by searching for keywords or the year. Standards are available electronically for purchase. Standards can also be found in ISO print publications.