What Is a Complaint Management System?

Managing complaints is favorable business practice for ensuring excellent customer service in a company. By having complaint management systems in place, businesses can use the information that is captured to make process improvements.


According to Metric Stream, complaint management is the process of how organizations handle, manage, respond to and report customer complaints. Systems are put into place to track and trend the data that is captured by complaint management processes.


Metric Stream explains that companies use complaint management systems to analyze where improvements should be made. Businesses use this information to satisfy customers and protect the company from repeated complaints.


According to Customer Expressions, effective complaint management systems should contain features, such as a centralized location for customers to report complaints, a system for storing complaints, a process for logging complaints, a method for acknowledging complaints (such as letters to the customers), a process for investigating complaints and then a way of resolving and following up with the complaints.


Complaint management systems can be as simple or complex as a company wants it to be. Complaint management system software companies, like Metric Stream, offer businesses the ability to generate automated complaint reports through the software system.


Customer Expressions emphasizes that businesses that have complaint management systems show their commitment to providing high-quality services and products to customers.


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