Importance of Employee Orientation

Employee orientation is a program designed to help new employees acclimate more quickly to their new organization. This reduces stress for the employee and saves time and money for the employer.


Employee orientation dedicates time to help new employees learn about the employer, policies and procedures, benefits and salary, as well as the employee's roles and responsibilities.


This program allows the employee to get acquainted with the employer quickly, and reduces the time needed to train the new employee, which reduces costs.



When employees start a new job, it can be stressful to the employee. Orientation helps relieve stress or anxiety because it answers new employees' questions quickly.



A well-implemented employee orientation makes new employees feel they are a valued by the organization. It also allows the employee to understand the organization's values.



Most organizations have a variety of employment forms and documents to be signed by the employee when he begins employment. Orientation lets the new employee sign all required paperwork and ask questions if needed.




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