What Is the Optimum Length of a New Employee Orientation?

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Effective orientation for new employees not only forms an essential part of the on-boarding process, it can also reinforce new hires’ belief that they selected the right employer. Although the optimum length of a new employee orientation will vary, here are some things to consider when developing this program.

Company Culture

Orientation should reflect the company culture and work environment. Companies that promote a fun atmosphere may include games that will need additional time allotted during orientation. More formal companies may prefer shorter, more efficient programs.


Orientation should always include a tour of the facility, including the location of break rooms, time clocks, restrooms and emergency exits. Length of the tour will depend on the size of the facility.



Whether the company chooses to have new employees fill paperwork out before or during orientation will affect the length of the program. Paperwork may include benefit information, acknowledgment forms and printing of employee I.D. badges.


Number of Participants

Generally, the more participants included in new employee orientation, the longer the session will be.



Some companies may choose to include preliminary training as part of new employee orientation, which will add time to the length of the program.




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