Document Control Definition

The document control function has the responsibility to manage document flow and storage in an organization through various functions and processes. These include maintaining files and using proper distribution and revision procedures as outlined at

Library System

The document control function has the role of properly maintaining internal library procedures so that appropriate personnel access occurs but the whereabouts of official documentation remains known at all time.


Another key activity of the document control function is that of document storage and filing to ensure proper accessibility of all necessary files.


The document control function also has responsibility to ensure that officially approved documentation only gets revised in context of proper processes and approvals. This may involve a system of document (or project) change requests (DCR) that require designated signatures before a previously approved document can have additional changes made.

Work Flow

Document control personnel also perform activities with the goal of ensuring efficient work flow such as by assigning documents to appropriate clerical or secretarial staff for such activities as word processing or scanning.


The document control function also tracks timely production of documents through the overall work flow process, such as through the use of age lists indicating that documents have spent too long going through the work flow process.


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