Benefits of a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction surveys have long been woven into corporate organizational business practices, marketing programs and other customer-engagement initiatives. A customer satisfaction survey enables a company to gain great insights about customers’ needs, wants and requirements, and generates feedback (critical or praiseworthy) about the company’s products, services and customer service. The results and feedback generated from a customer satisfaction survey attunes a company towards more focused customer service, and develops better relationships with customers to achieve brand success.


Customer feedback in the form of answers, comments and suggestions about a company’s products, business practices and customer service is one of the major benefits of a customer satisfaction survey.

Desired Improvements

If feedback is critical or negative on any aspect, quick measures can be taken to bring about the desired improvements or address grievances and placate relevant customers.

Better Innovation

Analysis of customer feedback surveys and the information collected becomes the basis for customer intelligence. Used strategically, such intelligence can be used to drive innovation efforts and initiatives at the company.

Greater Customization

A customer satisfaction survey also shows critical insights about different customer segments and products so that services and marketing approaches can be tailored accordingly.

Long-Term Relationship

Customer satisfaction surveys enable companies to consistently and better address customer needs and expectations, maintain brand reputation and facilitate long-term relationships with customers.