Grants & Loans for Minority Women

State of Florida SBDC @ FAMU

Grants and low-interest loans are set aside for minority women by the federal government as well as public and private business institutions. Here's what women need to know about these funding sources and their qualification requirements.


A minority grant is a gift or an award given to a recognized minority and does not have to be repaid.


There are various criteria that need to be met to qualify for a minority grant, depending on the funding source. Frequently requested criteria items include having a business plan and prior business experience and/or small business training courses.



There are often eligibility requirements for qualification for either a grant or a loan for a business or non-profit organization. Usually the business or non-profit organization must be at least 51 percent woman-owned, have a low- or moderate-income level, and in the case of loans, be unable to meet conventional bank lending terms.



Minority women often qualify for education grants, especially at women's colleges. Many colleges and universities also award grants and low-cost loans to study in non-traditional fields.


Entrepreneurial Women

The U.S. Government has several grant programs specifically geared towards minority entrepreneurial women (see Resources below).