How to Donate to the Elderly

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Many charitable organizations exist to assist the elderly. From housing assistance to meal assistance and beyond, there are local and national organizations that are working to improve the lives of older people. If you wish to donate to the elderly, the best way to do so is to find an established charitable organization that works with the elderly and donate to them directly. You can donate time or money. In some cases, the organizations will accept donations of goods as well.

Step 1

Locate an organization you wish to work with. There are many organizations that are available to work with the elderly. Most of these groups will accept monetary donations. To narrow the field, you can look for local organizations that work with citizens in your immediate community or for national organizations that work with people throughout the country.

Step 2

Research the organization you are considering online. Ideally, you would find an organization that is a registered non-profit, making your donation tax-deductible. Also, if possible, check out how much of the donation will go to the elderly and how much will be used for administrative costs. The higher the percentage that's used for the elderly, the farther your donation will go.

Step 3

Contact the organization to which you have chosen to donate. Many have websites that will allow you to research their activities and donate to the organization online, quickly and easily. Other charities will require you to contact them in order to learn how to donate.

Step 4

Save and keep proof of your donation in a safe place -- you will need the information on the receipt to deduct your donation when you do your taxes. Specifically, you will need the exact amount of the donation and the name and address of the organization to which you donated the money.