How to Donate a Copy Machine

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Copiers are much smaller, lighter and take up less space in your home or business office than they used to. But what do you do with your old unit? It still works fine, and you would rather not see it wind up in the landfill. There are plenty of nonprofits and charitable organizations that would gladly take it off your hands. In some larger cities, there are computer and office supply centers that will receive your old copier, strip it of any usable parts and safely dispose of the rest for a small fee.

Call the United Way, Goodwill or other large charitable organization and ask if they accept copiers. You might want to find a smaller organization or grass-roots endeavor that could use your machine. Take a look at an online community board such as Craigslist, check the newspaper classifieds, or read community bulletins at your church or school. People often look for specific donations using these resources.

Determine its value. If the machine is not worthy or reliable for further use, consult a local waste management or recycling company. You can also ask at your local office supply store for advice on where to have it dismantled for parts. It likely gets this question often and can probably come up with at least one option for you.

Deliver the copier. This might be difficult if you don't have adequate transportation or help to move such a large item. You might want to ask the place you are donating to if it would be willing to come and pick it up.

Get a receipt for your donation. If you donated to a nonprofit, church or large-scale charity, they will offer you a receipt you can use for tax purposes.