A committee is a group of people interested in the same cause or goal. A committee cannot flourish without an adequate number of members. As a committee leader, you may struggle to get people interested in joining the group. There are ways to attract committee members, resulting in a larger, stronger committee.

Step 1.

Print brochures and newsletters that educate outsiders about the aim of your committee. When people learn what an organization is about, they are more likely to get involved.

Step 2.

Develop relationships with similar committees. If your organization works with children, look for other organization in the area that work with children. Ask them to partner up with you on a project. When the other committees' members see what your organization does, they may become interested in joining yours as well.

Step 3.

Advertise your organization in places where your target audience will be. For example, if your committee is religion-based, place flyers on church bulletin boards.

Step 4.

Host an evening where food and drinks are available, and ask committee members to bring family and friends. This is an opportunity to network with people who aren't yet members and educate them on your committee's goal and purpose.