Businesses in Florida have access to a centralized location for meeting requirements necessary for operating in the state. The Florida Department of Professional & Business Regulation (DBPR) is the primary source for Florida businesses. DBPR offers professional regulation, education and testing services for several areas including architecture and interior design, athlete agents and auctioneers.


The DBPR regulates one million professionals and businesses within 200 license categories. The categories range from electricians to cosmetologists. The DBPR works to ensure businesses provide quality services to both visitors and citizens of Florida. Business regulation within the DBPR deals with the following: alcoholic beverages and tobacco, condominiums and cooperatives, hotels and restaurants, and others. Other responsibilities of DBPR include professions, real estate, surveyors and mappers, talent agencies and veterinary medicine.


Businesses and individuals requiring licensing can do so on the organization’s website. The website gives options for verifying, applying for or renewing licenses. Each section offers various search options. For instance, people looking to verify a license can search in the following ways: by name, license number, type, city or county. Those applying for a license may do so either online or through a paper application.

Who Requires Licensing

There are several services in Florida that require licensing. These include certified public accountants, employee leasing companies, harbor pilots and interior designers. Under each heading of service requiring a license, the website gives samples to show if a license is required. For example, a harbor pilot does not need a license if the pilot is operating a “small, personal pleasure craft” or a United States Military vessel.

Divisions of the Agency

The DBPR is organized into several divisions and offices which help things run smoothly. The Office of Inspector General handles inspections to detect misconduct within departments regarding fraud or abuse of policies, among others. The Office of General Counsel works on the department's legal functions. Other divisions include the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Division of Technology and the Office of Budget and Financial Management.

Services for Consumers

Consumers are not left out of the services provided by DBPR. Their website provides links for consumers to find information or file complaints. Consumers can search for license, permits or registrations, as well. They can search for information regarding food and lodging inspections. If a person wishes to lodge a complaint or a compliment on a department employee, it is available. Other features for consumers are links to request information or refunds and download files.